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Poker cases

poker cases

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  • Poker case Euro design 500 chips

    You can compose the Euro design poker case 500 yourself and create a poker set that meets you personal wishes at no extra cost. Here you specify the desired composition, delivers this unique poker suitcases customized without additional charge.

    You can choose from different values and colours Euro poker chips:
    - €5 Euro cent yellow chips
    - €10 Euro cent orange chips
    - €20 Euro cent white chips
    - €50 Euro cent pink chips
    - €1 Euro light blue chips
    - €2 Euro black chips
    - €5 Euro gray chips
    - €10 Euro red chips
    - €20 Euro blue chips
    - €50 Euro orange chips
    - €100 Euro green chips (temporarily sold out)

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  • Royal Flush Las Vegas Poker Set 300

    The Royal Flush Las Vegas poker set 300 is an excellent fit to play poker at home. With this Las Vegas 300 poker set you can play both sit and go's, as poker tournaments and poker cash games.

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    Regular Price: €49.00

    Now only €42.50

    Out of stock

  • Macau Poker Set 500

    Order now online at poker store this Macau poker set with 500 clay composite casino chips of 13.5 gram. Please specify bellow your desired chips and we will deliver your Macau poker set 500 real fast worldwide!

    You can choose from the following Macau casino chips:
    - Gray Macau Poker Chips 1
    - Orange Macau Poker Chips 2
    - Red Macau Poker Chips 5
    - Blue Macau Poker Chips 10
    - Green Macau Poker Chips 25
    - Light Blue Macau Poker Chips 50
    - Red Macau Poker Chips 100
    - Purple Macau Poker Chips 500
    - Yellow Macau Poker Chips 1000
    - Pink Macau Poker Chips 5000

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  • Poker set color chips 500

    Create your own poker case with 500 color chips, this set gives your weekly poker game a lot more color! Enter your desired chips and denomination below!

    You can choose from the following color poker chips:
    - Grey color poker chips 1
    - Orange color poker chips 2
    - Red color poker chips 5
    - Blue color poker chips 10
    - Green color poker chips 25
    - Blue color poker chips 50
    - Black color poker chips 100
    - Purple color poker chips 500
    - Yellow color poker chips 1000
    - Pink color poker chips 5000

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  • ProPoker Case 300 Chips

    Want to buy a professional poker set? You're completely ready with this professional poker set from ProPoker with 300 chips of 11.5 gram made in a pro player quality!

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    Regular Price: €49.99

    Now only €32.99

  • 300 Dice chip poker set aluminum case

    300 Professional poker chips Dice in a beautiful aluminum casino case. Good for hours of fun at home, play a friendly game of poker with friends and family.

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  • 007 Luxury Poker Set 300 Chips

    James Bond fans pay attention! There is a brand new 007 luxurious poker set available in a wooden poker case with 300 007 chips. With this complete poker set from British secret agent 007 a.k.a. James Bond you will always have a "License to Kill" at the poker table. delivers this new 007 deluxe poker set with 300 chips directly out of stock.

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  • Full House Poker Case 300

    The full house poker case 300 is a complete poker set for both beginners as for advanced poker players with 300 poker chips of 11.5 grams each. This poker case with 300 chips is now exclusively for sale at poker store.

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    Regular Price: €49.00

    Now only €42.50

  • Custom poker set 500

    Custom poker chips in a case with your own logo!

    Below you will find more information about your personalized poker set and you can read exactly how to order the beste custom poker chips in a case available online at!

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  • Pro poker set 500

    Create your own pro poker set 500 and make your poker night with your poker buddies complete. This poker set 500 is currently on sale at! Specify below the desired composition of your poker set!

    You can choose from the following pro poker chips:
    - Gray pro poker chips 1
    - Orange pro poker chips 2
    - Red pro poker chips 5
    - Blue pro poker chips 10
    - Green pro poker chips 25
    - Blue pro poker chips 50
    - Red pro poker chips 100
    - Purple pro poker chips 500
    - Yellow pro poker chips 1000
    - Pink pro poker chips 5000

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Items 1 to 10 of 42 total

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