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Time Bank Chips

Do other poker players at your weekly home game always take too much time and tank too long as if it's the toughest decision in their poker lives? Then these time bank chips from offer an immediate solution. Players may extend the poker clock by an additional 30 seconds by using a time bank chips or time plaques. It will prevent players from timewasting and excessive Holywooding when making decisions during poker games.

Use a time extension! At your next poker game. And make your weekly poker night even faster and more professional by using time bank chips.

In stock
  • Buy 10 for €2.25 each and save 10%
  • Buy 50 for €1.99 each and save 20%
  • Buy 100 for €1.89 each and save 24%
  • Buy 250 for €1.75 each and save 30%

Time Bank Chips

Time bank chips are used in poker games to allow players more time during their turn. Time extensions are different for each different game type. Nowadays time bank chips are widely used in reputable poker rooms, the better casinos and many major international poker tournament organizations, poker TV shows and increasingly by private individuals during their weekly home game. Time bank chips can be used in poker tournaments, SnG’s, cash games, in some high stakes poker games, and and at friendly poker home games in private.

What is the definition of the term "time bank" in the world of poker?
The poker term “time bank” became abbreviated into “tank” to describe a poker player who is taking a while to make a decision in a game of poker. Excessive tanking is considered bad poker etiquette and time bank chips put an end to that right now.

How to use time bank chips in your poker game?
Each player will receive 5 time bank chips or time plaques at the start of a poker tournament or cash game. A time bank chip gives an extra amount of time that poker players can utilize when they need to put some extra thought into a difficult decision. Players may extend the poker clock by an additional 30 seconds by using a time bank chip. If a poker player does not act in time, the dealer will automatically use one of the player’s time bank poker chips. A player may use multiple time bank chips for a single decision, until the player has zero time bank chips remaining. If the player has no more time bank chips the dealer will initiate a 5 second countdown. If no action occurs by the end of this countdown, the house in its sole discretion will rule the hand dead. Time bank poker chips are usually refreshed later in the tournament, for example at major international poker tournaments where huge cash prizes are at stake; players will receive 6 time bank chips with 24 players remaining, and 8 time bank chips once they reach the final table of the poker tournament in question.

These time bank chips or time plaques have the shape of a dog tag chip and have approximately the following dimensions: 57 mm x 31 mm x 3 mm. These time bank poker chips are made of ceramic and weigh about 16 grams each. They can be bought individually in our poker shop and you need about 4 to 8 time bank chips per player.

More Information
Number of poker plaques The prices shown are per piece.
Measurements plaques 57 mm x 31 mm x 3 mm
Colour poker plaques Yellow
Denominations TIME
EAN code 08720726338394
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